I’m Sarah Halfrey, previously Daricilar, the same designer with a new name! For the past 15 years I have been an interior designer and city planner with a passion for historic preservation. My project experience is mainly renovations and remodels, furnishings and finishes selections.  I am NCIDQ certified, an advocate for sustainable design principles, and a believer in designing for the health, safety and welfare of ALL building occupants.

In addition to my love of buildings, I have recently added an even more creative credential of graphic designer. In a world overrun with generic, lackluster spaces the lost art and creativity behind refreshing wayfinding and cohesive, environmental branding intrigues me.

When working on any project, my goal is simple; create an authentic design that serves the client well.  I enjoy the beauty that can be found in quality materials with genuine finishes and showcasing historic details. I am constantly evolving my style with new inspiration and product lines. For me, an ideal interior is practical with a timeless aesthetic; fitted with honest context and deeper meaning.  I work with all styles of interiors but especially love those that follow a vintage colonial, New England vibe, mixing in client personalization while maintaining a minimalist, modern touch. 

So the saying goes “Find something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I love all things design and enjoy the process of solving problems through creativity.

“Enjoy the process, love the outcome!”


  • “Thank you for the wonderful design for my den, I truly love it. You were wonderful to work with and it was so easy. Thanks again!”

    Peggy L. ~Illinois


  • “What a great experience we had working on our new condo with Sarah.  We started with the master bedroom and moved from there to the living room and master bath.  We had a lot of furniture from our previous apartment, and since this is a temporary relocation, we wanted to use what we had and embellish it. She is talented, efficient, and gave us two plans which were on point.  We picked out the best features of each plan, and Sarah consolidated them into a new plan which we put in place for our bedroom.  Because of the great results on the bedroom project, we requested Sarah again to help us with the living room and master bath.  The projects are done, and our purchases are en route.  With guests coming in a few weeks, we will be all set to entertain them.”

    Jane A. ~Washington DC

    Master Bedroom, Bathroom, & Living Room

  • “Oh it is gorgeous!!! I can’t thank you enough. Just waiting on the last 2 chairs and I will send you before and after pictures. We did everything exactly as you designed it. Stunning!!! Before & After! WOW!!!!!! You are truly an amazing designer! I can’t thank you enough! I told all my friends about you and posted on my facebook page, they were in shock about the transformation!”

    Michele B. ~New Jersey

    Master Bedroom